VisuNote App

Find that note and see the letter of that note. With our app you'll find the keys related to the lines on the score sheets. This will train the musical notation to the keys on the piano. The key areas are splitted to the voices of a SATB choir. So you can easily see the range of the different voices. And you'll find the right tone to sing.
A little app that makes it a bit easier to learn reading notes.

The Bass is noted in the "F-clef" or bass clef.
The Tenor is noted in the suboctave treble clef, also called tenor clef. This is most often found in tenor parts in SATB settings, in which a treble clef is written with the numeral eight below it, indicating that the pitches sound an octave below the written value.
Alto and Soprano are notated in the F clef.
Einstellungen iPhone6

June 6th, 2017