inShadow App

Who doesn't know the situation? On a hot day you reach the parking lot at a lake. On the left trees, on the right trees, in front of you also trees. Where should you park the car to find it in the shade when you want to go home? Or you reach a campsite and look for the best place to put up your tent so it’s in the shade in the afternoon.
Or how do you park your motorhome so that you can sit in the sun during breakfast? This is where the inShadow App helps. You choose the time when you want a (sun- or) shade place. The shadow at this time is displayed on a map or via the satellite image. You choose a tree (or a building), which then provides the desired shadow. In order to find your way, the direction in which the sun is currently positioned is displayed.
See the pictures below.


November 5th, 2019